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Siento ser tan metafísico algunas veces, pero creo que estas preguntas son muy relevantes hoy en día. Me gusta creer que hay empresas ahí fuera como Apple y Google cuya misión en la vida es hacer un mundo mejor, cambiar la sociedad y tener un impacto positivo en la vida de millones de personas. Compañías que quieren ser mejores día a día. Compañías que aportan algo en vez de restar al mundo. Yo no lo creo así. No digo que el dinero sea algo malo o sucio y que lo debamos evitar ni que haya que donarlo todo a obras de caridad ni a una ONG. Un crack.

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All over my campaign for District Attorney, I pledged to develop and deploy ground-breaking strategies to protect workers from abuse and prevent criminals from gaining an unfair competitive advantage against honest, decent businesses. Not only were these defendants allegedly shortchanging employees, but they were doing so with public funds after that cheating taxpayers. Our message is coherent, greedy corporations and business owners who steal from workers to line their own pockets, will be rooted pasado and prosecuted to the fullest amount of the law. I wanted en route for share this article from Newsday's Editorial column Board discussing the effort of my Office to deliver landmark environmental protections and hold polluters accountable. Whether you live on Long Island, work at this juncture, or just come to visit our beautiful natural resources, this legislation is some of the most important ecological protections to come out of Albany in a generation. For far also long our communities have been clearance grounds for large scale construction after that de The crimes this legislation aims to address, disproportionately impact communities of color, they threaten public health, the safety for our entire region, after that they are motivated out of absolute greed for money. This legislation bidding hold bad actors accountable and additionally help protect Long Island's most beloved resource, our aquifer, the sole basis of drinking water for all Suffolk residents.

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Denial hay viento bueno para el que no sabe dónde va — Séneca. Desde bien pequeño me han gustado los videojuegos. Era la época del Ultima Online y del Diablo 2, de la cual guardo muy buenos recuerdos. Te cuento todo esto porque la etapa de los videojuegos fue una etapa de gran claridad en mi vida.

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