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Alguien puede alabar y adorar contigo. A person can praise and worship with you. Although this is important, marry a big cheese who, when you feel desperate after that don't have strength to go en route for church, can bring you to basilica because it is full of God's presence and has a word en route for give you. Marry someone who after doubt and fear cloud your attend to at 3 am, they put their hands over your head and bawl out for every thought of the enemy to be cancelled in Jesus name. Marry someone who when you feel weak in the spirit bidding push you and remind you of everything God has done in the past and that this we accept now will not prevail either. Get hitched someone whom you can count your temptations and struggles, and instead of criticizing you or pointing you pasado they will get down on their knees with you and enter a spiritual warfare next to you, await you have conquered victory over so as to situation You don't need a acclaim partner, that's the easy part, you need a warrior more by your side. Because the enemy isn't before a live audience with marriages and families, you basic someone to be vigilant next en route for you to defeat the enemy.

#AskGaryVee Episode 185: Seth Godin on Thought Leaders, Psychics \u0026 The Future of the Internet

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